Tea Forte Monthly


Tea Forté Monthly

Tea Forte Monthly is a quarterly subscription service that would provide themed teas centralized around certain countries in the world. The goal of this product is to culturally enrich and educate the consumer who wishes to learn more about the world around them. This product was created as an entry for the 2018 Paperboard Packaging Alliance contest and designed and developed by myself along with Emma Fleming and TszYan Yencer.



For the task, we were given the choice to design a subscription box for one of three categories: snacks, fitness products, or cosmetics. Ultimately, we decided to design a tea subscription box (a variant on snacks) because of its current rising popularity among millennials and young adults.

With a topic chosen, we started ideation for the three inner packages and the shipper that would be sent to the consumer.

We were greatly inspired by the Mystery Box from Google because of the intricate shape of each package and the modular experience it gave while opening. Pursuing this, we sketched variations of puzzle-like boxes that would fit evenly in the shipper.





Final Dielines