The Albertosaurus Experience

The Albertosaurus Experience

Partnered with the Rochester Science Museum, our task was to take a current exhibit and somehow revitalize and bring it into the modern age.
With team members Izzy Bulling, Cameron Czadzeck,and Ben Picard, we researched, ideated, conceptualized, and developed a final product.

The Exhibit

After multiple visits to the museum, we decided to use the Albertosaurus exhibit for our case study. We decided on this exhibit because it had its own dedicated open space towards the end of the museum with potential to add some type of interactivity. The current exhibit beyond the model skeleton is very text heavy, which made it unappealing to the younger audience. With these issues in mind, we decided to create an interactive 3D experience to increase engagement with the exhibit.



Our original idea was to capitalize on the open space of the exhibit and create an augmented reality experience that would emphasize immersion within the exhibit. However, due to lack of time and resources, we scaled down the initial concept and created a screen-based design that would incorporate the information more interactively.

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 3.png
Artboard 2.png
Artboard 4.png

Screen Designs & Prototyping

Thanks to Fabrizio De Rossi for creating the 3D model of the Albertosaurus.


What I learned

Although the process was tough, we learned a lot about experiential and screen-based designing for children of varying ages. If we were to further pursue this project, our goals would be to further enhance the 3D experience while creating additional physical assets to accompany the interaction.